Well, That's Just Great

I am thankful that I will never be as sad as Ariana Grande is about being in the parade this morning!

Looking forward to snarkily live blogging the parade!




Less than a week into our 30 day campaign and we have already reached 88% of our goal! As you can see in the new clip above, Ducky is excited!

Thanks for helping to spread the word! We know everyone can’t contribute at this time, but we’re so glad that so many people are being introduced to Ducky and his blog and are now aware of the upcoming book! Please keep sharing when you think the time is right!

Love you!

Ag & Ducky

My tumblr friends vs my real life friends.
Me: Have you seen the Patton Oswalt Star Wars Filibuster video?
My Real Life Friend: No.
Me: Go to YouTube and search for "star wars filibuster." You'll love it.
My Real Life Friend: Meh. I'll wait. You'll post it eventually.
Me: Have you seen the Pat...
My Tumblr Friend: Yes.

I was just told yesterday was National Empanada Day!

This one’s for you, culby and Nelsoncarpenter!

I took Gizmo to see Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster, PA. It was closed but that didn’t stop me from showing the things I wanted her to see. For example, this seems less than ideal.


MTV answers why they dont play music videos anymore.

Awesome video is awesome. :-)


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A one minute video from me. I decided to watch some Fox News today to see how things are going “in the bubble” (copyright Bill Maher) on election day. It was worth it for this!

Neil Cavuto learning that when one is faking outrage the end of your sentence can sneak right up on ya’.



Inside the Haunted Mansion….groovy ;)

Rewind Sunday: My Dating Patter EditionAg


Rewind Sunday

The first video I ever made. It’s a vent about tumblr and their old flawed “tumblarity” system. I created it two months into my time here. A fun blast from the past that still has some relevance.




“What is Tumblarity?” by wellthatsjustgreat His first attempt at creating videos showing what has been on his mind for the last few months.

OMG I am laughing out loud! “Please don’t use your venture capital to sue me” BAG (Bust-A-Gut) Great job AG, I think you just became the official unofficial narrator for Tumblr. (I am reminded of the Disney narrator.) Awesome job, encore! encore!

Thanks! And I will be using your post as a reference when I finally try to get cast as a skipper on the Jungle Cruise!  Ag