Well, That's Just Great
Her: You and Gizmo both like Star Wars, right?
Me: Yup.
Her: So for wedding stuff if I could find something with Han and Leia that would be appropriate?
Me: Sure. But R2D2 and C3PO is probably more accurate.
Her: Why?
Me: Well, she's so short and most people think I'm gay.
You don’t deserve the best of me if you don’t accept the rest of me.

A handy graphical representation of your impression of me over time. Ag


A handy graphical representation of your impression of me over time. Ag

Don't try to "out clever" me.
Him: It's the perfect relationship. I get to have sex with my best friend!
Me: Dog is man's best friend.
Him: ...
Me: Ew.
Most men: My girlfriend is out without me tonight. I can eat whatever I want! Woo hoo! Time for wings and beer!!!!!
Me: My girlfriend is out without me tonight. I can eat whatever I want! Woo hoo! Time for sautéed brussel sprouts and scallops!
Let someone love you just the way you are – as flawed as you might be, as unattractive as you sometimes feel, and as unaccomplished as you think you are. To believe that you must hide all the parts of you that are broken, out of fear that someone else is incapable of loving what is less than perfect, is to believe that sunlight is incapable of entering a broken window and illuminating a dark room.
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Down to one person.

One person in my life who would be impacted by my absence. If I disappeared tomorrow some would miss me for a short period, but the truth is my existence is fundamentally irrelevant outside of my relationship with Gizmo. I’m so grateful to have that relationship. I know so many who wish they had what I have with her. But knowing that I add no value to my universe outside of that is hard to manage. I makes finding the motivation to get up in the morning difficult.

And at the moment it makes falling asleep even harder.


i like my men how i like my burritos



naked and spicy.

Covered in sour cream?!

Mexican and in your mouth?

Picked up at a Chipotle?

Shared with a friend because you can’t take all that meat?

Fills you with regret and makes you sick to your stomach at the end of the night?


Rewind Sunday: Still correct. “Time” for you might be 30 minutes or, oh, 13 years.


A handy graphical representation of your impression of me over time. Ag

Rewind Sunday: Still correct. “Time” for you might be 30 minutes or, oh, 13 years.


A handy graphical representation of your impression of me over time. Ag




I mentioned this tumbl-essay on twitter last night, but I think it’s worth reposting in a more semi-permanent form. 

As much as I love tumblr, it’s sometimes hard to track down who wrote the words, who provided the re-tumbl, and who made the animated gif (the three parts to any successful tumbl).

So as best I can tell, credit goes to theumbrellaseller for adding words to hemsworthss’s moving images, and that it came to my attention via ashleeta.

But I concur with all of them: the comparative $1 worth of good writing and acting in the talkin’ quadrants of the gif make the $100,000 and <30 seconds of CGI in the action quadrant actually meaningful, and suddenly NOT a total waste of time and money. 



science bros.

There are no words to describe my feelings about this relationship. But I’m going to try.

First of all, their parallels. Both geniuses, top of their field. Both suffered an accident that physically changed them, forever, and not in a wholesome Spider-Man kind of way. Both try to do what they can to help others despite their own issues; Banner heals people, Tony works on developing clean energy. And both struggle, in their own way, with duality; Tony and Iron Man, Bruce and the Hulk. Two identities, one body. Only difference is Iron Man’s bad side is Tony.

I mentioned somewhere that Tony sees a bit of himself in Banner because they both have a monster inside them that they can’t control, a creature that springs fully formed from the id, the base impulses and the nasty stuff at the back of the mind. Bruce’s is a giant green rage monster. Tony’s trashed a party in Iron Man 2. Banner has a control over his that Tony hasn’t quite achieved yet; don’t think I didn’t notice Tony pouring himself a whiskey when confronting Loki. Tony is envious, fascinated, and most of all, impressed by Bruce’s control.

So he doesn’t walk on eggshells around Bruce like the others, because that’s not what Bruce needs. Tony sees Bruce’s restraint, sees the quiet, brilliant man making self-deprecating jokes in the corner of the room, sees the way people look at him like he’s going to snap any second, and thinks “nope”. Tony does what no-one else aboard that Helicarrier does. He trusts him. He makes jokes and jabs him and teases him and above all, treats him exactly how he would treat anyone else— he has a great regard for Bruce’s brilliance, and tells him so, but he doesn’t try to ignore the Hulk in the room. When he says “wow, you’ve really got a handle on this, haven’t you?” he’s not saying “gosh, it’s incredible you haven’t snapped yet and killed everyone on board” he’s saying “I know you have a handle on this, you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t, so I’m gonna poke you with this sharp object to prove it”. And you can see Bruce relax, and smile, and trust him back.

But then Tony goes even further, and invites Bruce to come to his R&D department. I’m pretty sure the two of them drive off together in Tony’s car at the end of the movie to do just that. And, okay, sure, Bruce is smart, but Tony’s tech is his baby. How many people get invitations to come and see his work? He invites Bruce because he recognises his brilliance, yes, but there’s another reason. He’s inviting Bruce to come down and work with him after this is over. He’s giving Bruce something to do next, a purpose, an alternative to disappearing into the ether to be alone with his monster. Tony knows from experience that being alone with your issues doesn’t end well, so for what’s only the third time in his life he extends the hand of friendship to a guy he’s known barely an hour.

And then, he tells Bruce to let the beast loose. Not just because they need him to fight, but because it will help him. If Bruce can take this thing that he sees as a curse and turn it into a gift, well, that’s going to lift him out of a very dark place. I’m not saying Tony knew about Bruce’s attempted suicide, but I think he had a suspicion that Bruce had been, in his words, “low”. So he encourages Bruce to take all that crap and pain and the Other Guy and use him to help people; after all, that’s what he did.

And it pays off. Nobody— nobody— thinks Bruce is going to turn up for that final battle. You can see the look on Natasha and Steve’s faces when Tony asks if Bruce turned up yet. They’ve counted Bruce out. Guy’s a mess, right? He’s too volatile. Doesn’t play well with others. He could never work as part of a team. No-one thinks he’ll come through when it matters. Except Tony. He has faith in him, and that faith is rewarded. It’s no wonder the Hulk is the one to catch Tony. Tony’s the one who helped let him out. He’s just returning the favor.

Everyone loves the Science Bros so much. Even Hodgman.


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