Well, That's Just Great


(Gratuitous Picture Of Yourself During Your “I Might Be A Lesbian” Phase Wednesday)

So no contest this week, just pure humiliation.

When you look at this picture I know what you’re thinking.

"I had no idea KD Lang was a Randall Cunningham fan!"

But no, that’s me. In a hand painted (yes…painted by me with fabric paint) Philadelphia Eagles “jersey” (t-shirt) and once again showing off my penchant for short shorts. I give the rear view…for the ladies!

Remember the picture from when I was thirteen? THIS IS AT FIFTEEN!!!! I’m regressing. I’m desperately hoping that some girl will take an interest in me and yet I go around looking like lesbian who isn’t even trying to hide her lifestyle. Seriously. Just zoom in on the face and tell me if you can tell for SURE that that’s a boy!

My glasses remain just as big as they were but now they are wire instead of plastic. Still hideous. It wouldn’t be until after my senior year of High School when I got contacts that I would start choosing “back up glasses” with smaller lenses, pretty much my standard look now.

I think I’m through the really awful pictures now with a few exceptions.

Too bad. The more awful I looked, the more hits and likes I got. You people are sick.