Well, That's Just Great
I don’t know if there’s a hell, but if there is, I really hope there’s an especially unpleasant part of it designated just for crappy audience members. “Too Cool” dicks who know answers to teachers’ questions but won’t answer, self-absorbed twats who don’t stop talking when a curtain goes up, and sub-human douchebags who leave shows early to beat traffic should suffer for all eternity. Oh. And a special VIP lounge will be created where asswipes who rolled their eyes at me will have those eyes poked with flaming irons for all time.
Ag-who can get a little grumpy when he’s feeling disrespected.
I beat Steve Austin every time I worked with him throughout my career and yet he’s graded above me, so figure that out.
Bret Hart complaining about a 25 greatest wrestlers list. Bret continues to show that he still views his business the same way a ten year old does. No one tell him that some of the good guy wrestlers eat lunch with the bad guy wrestlers. It will break his heart.