Well, That's Just Great
And yes


Frothing condensensed milk when you are out of whole organic milk works fine for espresso.

"frothing condensed milk" is a filthy euphemism waiting to happen.

Then again, so is “organic milk.”


Advertising to English Dictionary
  • New & Improved!
    • You know how our product sucked? It sucks in a different way now!
  • Value Sized
    • More than you need.
  • New Concentrated Formula!
    • We will now be charging you more for less. And while we tell you it will last longer, we know you will accidentally use the same amount as when you buy the non concentrated formula thus driving incremental sales, sucker.
  • Light
    • Eat all you want, fat ass!
  • Ultra
    • "Ultra" looked good in that font.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed or your Money Back!
    • You lack the patience and intelligence to follow through with the steps that would be necessary to get your money back so we have no concerns with offering you a refund if you are not satisfied, rube.
  • Guaranteed 100% Organic!
    • Hey! Did you know that if we put “Guaranteed 100% Organic” on the package people will pack 20% more for the same product?
  • Ribbed for her pleasure!
    • Your **** is small and unpleasant. Wrapping it in this makes it less so.