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Weak Constitution


Watch Jon Stewart kick Fox News right in the face.

Events like this reinforce that television is becoming increasingly irrelevant.

When news breaks, I find out from my phone, not from television being interrupted. Because I’m not watching live TV.

If I’m near a television, I’ll turn it on to my default network or news channel, but it becomes background as I go to my twitter feed for the truly breaking news. I find out things at the same time as the networks. Is some of the information bad? Sure. But I know who I can trust. And I am able to process what is rumor and what is confirmed. I don’t need a TV network to filter that for me. Increasingly they get it wrong any way.

Links to relevant video clips pop up. I can watch them once. Watch them twice if there is value. But I don’t have to leave on a news channel as they loop the same 30 second clip over and over and desperately try to differentiate themselves from each other and “add value” by yapping over them.

There’s and old concept in communication called the “news hole.” It refers to the space available in a newspaper or an evening news report separate from the ads and commercials. It was relevant for years because it determined what stories got told and in what level of detail. Lots of important but “un-sexy” stories would get left out.

On television during an event like today’s, there’s a “reverse news hole.” Fox, MSNBC, CNN, and the networks have very limited information, but they have to fill the air. So they replay clips, and talk, and speculate, and talk, and foolishly attempt to provide context before they have any, and taaaaaaalk. They don’t even have enough sense to realize that they should immediately turn their “tickers” into tools to communicate what is known and what people NEED TO KNOW” like numbers to call for family members so people who turn on their networks are immediately brought up to speed. Nope. They use those to tell other stories while their producers whisper scarce facts into their anchors’ ears who then try to stretch out the tiny bits of info into “stories.”

They assemble the usual suspects: “experts” who are chosen primarily based on their proximity to a working camera and their ability to fill time by talking….and talking…and talking.

So as a great American once said, U.S. media conglomerates, “Know your role and shut your mouth.” Feed news to us through your internet presence, feed live video when you have it, and figure out when it’s appropriate to provide context and news summaries. Today, 8:00 p.m. would have been an appropriate time. And on MSNBC, smart and thoughtful hosts like Chris Hayes and Rachel Maddow have the right staffs and right temperaments to provide that context. They’re doing it now.

Take a look and learn how to use your medium correctly, television executives.

Tweet if you have something of value to say and you need me to turn on the television. I’ll turn you back on if you’ve earned my trust back. 


Pope Benedict is stepping down. It is likely due to advancing age and possibly diminishing faculties

  • Old white guy.
  • Against contraception.
  • Unwaveringly committed to religious dogma.
  • Supported keeping women out of positions of authority in his organization.
  • Believes he was chosen by God.
  • Might be crazy.

Well, I think we know what Fox News can do with that money they saved by cutting loose Sarah Palin.


reb-ellious replied to your link: FOX News: We Misunderstand, You Decide.

I rarely watch Fox News, so I didn’t see this. Do they really think such a coin would actually be made, or was this a rhetorical statement poking fun at the absurdity of the idea? The latter is okay. I can’t believe even Fox would be that dumb.

I have found, historically, FOX News is not the home of intricate satire. Now, I do think THIS conversation may have happened:

Producer: So there appears to be a law that allows the President to mint a coin in any denomination as long as it is platinum. So he could get past the debt ceiling block by approving the minting of coins as debts come due.

Show Writer: So a coin made of that much platinum?

Producer: No. No. No. Like any coin. The weird law that exists just says that the only coins he can mint need to be made from platinum. It was meant for commemorative coins but the law was written poorly.

Show Writer: Oh! I get it.


Show Writer:

Producer: We could have fun with the idea of a coin made from that much platinum.

Show Writer: Yeah. But it could confuse our extremely low information voters on the intricacies of a complicated issue.

Producer: Yup. 

Show Writer: So we’re going to do it?

Producer: Oh yeah.

FOX News: We Misunderstand, You Decide.

I’m guessing all those “buy gold because the rapture is coming!” stories caused them to forget how money actually works.

Or a related note, believe it or not, the paper and ink used to print a 100 dollar bill is not 100 times more expensive than the paper and ink used on a one.



Dec 2

Talk about a second sense!

- Dick Stockton talking about Peyton Manning’s ability to avoid the rush. If that’s his second sense I am all the more impressed with Peyton accomplishments as a blind, deaf, hard of smelling quarterback who never knows if he’s eating something delicious.

Nov 6
Yup. Get it together, conservatives. Step one, accept that Barack Obama isn’t the devil.

Yup. Get it together, conservatives. Step one, accept that Barack Obama isn’t the devil.

Nov 6

A one minute video from me. I decided to watch some Fox News today to see how things are going “in the bubble” (copyright Bill Maher) on election day. It was worth it for this!

Neil Cavuto learning that when one is faking outrage the end of your sentence can sneak right up on ya’.


Aug 6

We’re a very nationalistic nation. But we’ve also lost over time that jingoistic feeling.


David Webb, who apparently wishes we were more “extremely chauvinistic or nationalistic and marked especially by a belligerent foreign policy.”

Vocabulary is a tricky mistress.

It is a great insight into this kind of idiot’s mind. All his life he has heard people call a certain type of faux patriotism “jingoism” with disdain in their voices and has assumed they must hate all patriotism. 

Being stupid is hard. 


Fox News Wonders Why Team USA’s Uniforms Are Not Patriotic Enough (VIDEO)

Jan 6

Santorum: I Didn’t Say “Black People,” I Said “Blah People”


Santorum defended his tongue-slip on FOX News Channel’s “The O’Reilly Factor,” saying: “I looked at that, and I didn’t say that. If you look at it, what I started to say is a word and then sort of changed and it sort of — blah — came out. And people said I said ‘black.’ I didn’t. And I can tell you, I don’t use — I don’t — first off, I don’t use the term ‘black’ very often. I use the term ‘African-American’ more than I use ‘black… I can tell you as someone who did more work for historically black colleges, I used to have — every year, I used to bring all the historically black colleges into Washington, DC to try to help them, because they get very little federal money through the bureaucracy, and so I help to try to introduce them to people in the Department of Education so they could have more resources.”

So that clears that up and we’re all good now.

Rick Santorum is an ignor-uh ass-huh.