Well, That's Just Great
Yet another reason to love Chip Kelly
Philadelphia Reporter: Given that you do control your own destiny now --
Eagles Coach Chip Kelly: You know you can't control destiny? Destiny is a predetermined set of events, therefore if it's predetermined, you can't control it.
Hmmm, the stupidity of my orange juice post combined with opportunities to repeatedly refer to “nuts.”

Hmmm, the stupidity of my orange juice post combined with opportunities to repeatedly refer to “nuts.”


I was just told yesterday was National Empanada Day!

This one’s for you, culby and Nelsoncarpenter!

imageculby replied to your post: I am not a misogynist

Admit it, you just wrote it this way to get away with those jokes. (Also, even though Danica got the pole, I fully expect her to blow it.)

Sincere Response: Hell yeah. That’s the art! I saw a show today where unfunny people were talking about “Crossing The Line” in comedy and “what are the rules?” 

I always compare comedy as an art form to music. What makes a song offensive versus edgy? The musician knows his audience and knows how to deliver and (most importantly) is good at his art. Comedy should be the same? But everyone thinks they are funny. Most people have some humility about their musical talent.

Ag Style Response: She’d best look out For Jimmie Johnson. If he falls behind he can get testy and the last thing you want is to deal with an angry Johnson ramming your rear end.


Yet Another Super Bowl Prediction: Destiny’s Child will reunite during Beyonce’s halftime show and several million white men in their forties will say to themselves, “It’s nice to see En Vogue back together again.”

imageculby replied to your post: Yet Another Super Bowl Prediction.

Wait, I thought Left Eye Lopez died in that plane wreck? (THAT’S THE SHOW, FOLKS, GOODNIGHT!)


Their show hasn’t been the same since they moved from the morning zoo to afternoon drive time. But they’ve got fans.

Their show hasn’t been the same since they moved from the morning zoo to afternoon drive time. But they’ve got fans.

culby replied to your quote: “If you had a person in your life treating you the…

I heard someone say “If you said the things you say to yourself to someone else, it would get you punched.” Sounds about right.
If you could lick any Queen of England, who would you lick?

Queen Mary I. Rumor has it she tasted like tomato juice and celery.

Look, I saw Tron: Legacy, and I never saw anything that resembled those boobs. Where did they come from?

Modern science.

August 3rd, 2009-12,000 Posts Ago!

I created “Well That’s Just Great" at a low point in my life as a way to force some creativity back into my existence. I made two commitments: 

  • Create and post something original every day. It could be as simple as a thought or a photo, but something had to come out of my brain daily and make it to WTJG.
  • Whatever I posted needed to be created with the idea of appealing to an audience. I didn’t want to just vent about being sad and say I was being “creative.” WTJG wasn’t meant to be a journal or a diary. By thinking of an audience I was pushed to reflect and think before clicking “create post.”

Three years later and I still haven’t missed a single day.

But I did not create 12,000 original posts! No. There are a lot of reblogs in there!

I was resistant to reblogging originally. WTJG was meant to be a home for my work, not an aggregating site. But as I spent time in the tumblr community I began to realize that reblogging connected me with others and helped me turn WTJG not just into the online home of my work, but a fuller reflection of who I am. If could find five funny things to post, I would feel more comfortable spending time on a original post expressing my views on a social issue, or on some philosophical introspection. And yes, every topical post I reblogged from AZSpot or deep thought or beautiful fractal image from Un help me to feel comfortable wasting a post or two getting “your mom” jokes out of my head so hopefully I could move on to more creative endeavors. And I think it helped make WTJG a more surprising and enjoyable place to visit.

So thank you to my tumblr family: to my first follower, Kurtis at kayfabe, who I always thank at times like this; to my real life friends who have come aboard; to Culby, and Liz, and Valary, and Brittany and everyone else who I truly consider friends now to every one of you that I wouldn’t be able to list if I tried. Thank you all for your support and for your pages. I’m glad I get to steal from about the nicest people in the world!

You’re all just great!