Well, That's Just Great
Dear Republican Party,

That’s it. I’m done. I’ve tried to be patient. I’ve told myself that the smart people of conscience in your party will rise up and wrest control from the ignorant, selfish ideologues and hucksters currently dominating your party at every level. But today was the last straw. I have no patience left. You are an embarrassment and since you obviously lack the will or desire to do what’s right for your country or for the long term prospects of any of the philosophies you advocate, you have forced me to accept that you are nothing more than a malignant cancer on this country and since you are not responding to treatment, you must be removed from the body politic.

While I am a registered democrat and a self described left leaning moderate, I have voted for Republicans many times in my life when I have believed that the Republican was the best candidate. Sometimes I didn’t agree with all of the positions of a candidate, but I found something about them that made me believe they would be the best stewards of the responsibilities of government.

Never again. I will never vote for a member of your party again. Ever. Not on the national level, not on the state level, and not on the local level. I won’t be fooled again. You have shown that you cannot be trusted with power. Not even a little. You can’t even be trusted to act responsibly as a minority party.

You need to be wiped off the political map to make way for a real ALTERNATIVE to the Democrats, not just OPPOSITION to the Democrats.

And in case you’re wondering how you got here, here are just a few highlights:

Being on the side of people who, among dozens of insane beliefs, insist that people should be allowed to sell guns to other people without any background check. So if my neighbor fails a background check and can’t purchase a gun because they killed a guy in Texas, it’s okay for me to buy a gun and sell it to him.

Insisting in Arizona that confiscated guns, or guns received through gun buy back programs CANNOT be destroyed, they MUST be sold back to the public. Because…seriously there is no logical element to this but I swear it’s real. Supporting high capacity magazines by arguing that lower capacity magazines would make shooting at shooting ranges less fun. And that’s just today. And just guns. In the past few years you’ve also given us: Anti-Intellectualism, Anti-Science, Michelle Bachman, Birtherism, Voter Suppression, Forced Vaginal Ultrasounds, Ted Cruz, Infrastructure Investment Opposition, Rick Scott, Discredited Studies On Austerity (check today’s headlines), “Skewed Polls”, and 47%. Not exactly a record of excellence. So do us a favor and disband. What will follow would almost have to be better. Sincerely, Ag
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    Someone give this man an award for verbalizing my opinions.
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