Well, That's Just Great
Spellcheck can only save me from some of my stupidity.

Someone on tumblr talks about their body image. They post “Why should my life choices be limited just because I’m big?”

I click “reply” to give them the standard tumblr supportive *hugs*.

I accidentally reply *huge*.

So it appears in response to, “Why should my life be limited just because I’m big?” I decided to explain that the issue isn’t that the person is just big, they are HUGE.

Could have been worse. I could have appeared to believe that the issue was the person was covered with bugs.


  1. serenebabe said: this caused me to laugh audibly.
  2. raiselm said: It could have been worse. You could have typed “BIG (((HUGE)))” which would imply large hips.
  3. somethinradicallyradiant said: That is both hilarious and awful. I hope you were able to explain. Haha
  4. wellthatsjustgreat posted this
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