Well, That's Just Great

"Tom Turk and Daffy"

I just realized I’ve never posted this. Looking back I can see how much it influenced my understanding of comedy, the dancing between deadpan and kinetic. God I love the rhythm of this. It’s like a song.

It’s also important for two reasons tied to the part from about 3:30 to 3:53.

That scene is why Ducky uses a WWI colloquialism whenever calling me or the Lady a traitor.

And it subconsciously taught me the comedic power of the “wait for it” slow burn followed by quick emotional punch. Makes me laugh every time.


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    Happy thanksgiving everyone. Remember this episode? I do.
  4. davidkendall said: The Looney Toon/Merrie Melodie catalog is my touchstone of comedy, and it’s a style of comedy that’s lost on too many folks these days.
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