Well, That's Just Great
Dear Pharmacist,

Not to minimize the complexity of your role, but might there be some efficiencies that could cut into the twenty minutes that it has thus far taken you to move my pills from the big bottle to the little bottle?

Just wondering.


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    You naive naive summer child.
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    Ask your government why it takes us so long. And while you are at it, read section 64B, 465 and 893 of Florida State Law...
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    Definitely not as simple as switching bottles. Ugh. Pet peeve.
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    No one is expecting you to be a machine. Stop over exaggerating. No one ever assumed you were a burger flipper at...
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    I don’t see how she proved OP’s point. Apparently you don’t know much about pharmacy because you think that it’s...
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    bless the pharmers.
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    You pharmacy workers and your stories are so good.
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    Oh hold on, hold on. Big bottle to little bottle? My GOD I wish that my job was that easy. That piece of paper you...
  20. thereluctantoptimist said: Especially if one is waiting for something like Ativan or Xanax…
  21. lazydad said: Ugh. Pharmacists.
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