Well, That's Just Great


38,000 Notes!


At the grocery store. Orange juice was available as:

  • No Pulp
  • With Pulp
  • MORE Pulp
  • LOADED With Pulp

They did not have the other levels which are, in order of increasing pulpitude:

  • Loaded With Even More Pulp
  • Extra Loaded With Lots Of Pulp
  • Holy Shit, That’s A Lot Of Pulp
  • Seriously. There’s A Lot Of Pulp In This Motherfucker.
  • Stop Fucking With Me. Who Would Want This Much Pulp?
  • I’m Not Fucking With You. There’s So Much God Damned Pulp In This Sumbitch That You Should Forget A Straw Because You’ll Need A Fucking Ladle.
  • Screw The Ladle. Get A Carving Knife.
  • No Longer Juice. Slightly Damp Pulp.
  • An Orange